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More salt, please

Okay so it’s been years not months since this place closed but the fact I can no longer go here to watch the snooker on a mini telly and eat over-salted bangers and smash still causes me physical pain. I made this drawing from a photograph, as a gift for my loyal café companion, Deborah. Many a scheme was hatched over a treacle sponge here.

New Piccadilly Café

New Piccadilly Café, Denham Street - now closed.

See more of this “cathedral amongst caffs” and other gems at the wonderful Classic Cafes site.

2 Comments to More salt, please

  1. I loved that place too. Best cafe ever :(

    • joeighty

      I still can’t walk past and see it boarded up!
      Ooh, am I right in thinking it was you who made some of Jon Boam’s characters in 3D for the Nobrow show? I loved those! :)

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