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Smurf Town

In case you haven’t seen it, this is Juzcar in Spain, which has been painted blue for a film about smurfs.

Juzcar, Getty Images
Image: Jorge Guerrero/AFP/Getty

Ignoring grumbles about corporate motivation, I love this idea of painting an entire village in just one colour so tonight I made a couple of quick experiments. Here is Manhattan with four coats of Dulux.*

Yellow NYC

*other paint brands would work just as well


And here is London entirely covered in some leftover wrapping paper I had hanging around.

London in wrapping paper

In reality I guess it could be a bit awkward neatly covering the dome of St Paul’s in wrapping paper, but people really can do anything these days.


3 Comments to Smurf Town

  1. Allison

    I can barely wrap CD’s or books so St Paul’s would be a bit of a challenge. Think the London Eye may be a little tricksy also. I will stick to something simple like the Gherkin I reckon…

    • joeighty

      Ha-ha! ;D I pride myself on my wrapping but yesterday I made a right dog’s dinner of wrapping something for my mum. It was so upsetting I had to unwrap it and do it again.

  2. Miss Armchair

    The key to wrapping a tricky object, such as a large ferris wheel, would be to pop it inside a box before wrapping. Or perhaps use a gift bag?

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