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The pothole gardener

Well I might as well give up this blog now as I have been alerted to the most charming thing ever – pothole gardens by the pothole gardener. (I know, where have I been?) My personal favourite:

And as it’s still snowy out there today, this:

See lots more mini-garden loveliness on the pothole gardener’s blog.

Ps. Thanks to @urbanwriters Charlie for the tip-off!

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Keep the boring walls away

Hello, hello. Have you seen Mobstr’s work? I’ve only just discovered it after seeing these excellent photos taken by my mate, Werner (thanks, Mr Len!).

I like the sentiment above but what makes it is the slogan that follows on the opposite wall:

Photos: Werner Weber

Top marks, mysterious Mobstr. I see from your flickr you are so named because you once had a lobster called mobster. I’m not sure I believe you but I’m always prepared to give the benefit of the doubt.

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Promising pedestrian signs

Just came across these snaps on Instagram and twitter. Oversized gold stars to @whatkatiedoes (who runs the ace What Katie Does blog) and @CarltonJefferis for the fine spotting and snapping skills.

Looks rainy so a hug would be welcome. Photo by @whatkatiedoes


All traffic should stop for the occasional tea break in my book. Photo by @CarltonJefferis

I see newspapers have been speculating about who is behind them. I’m intrigued but I also like the not-knowing. In any case please let me know if you spot any more. As I work from home I tend to miss out on good sign-spottings lately (sad face).

Very belated Happy Christmas / New Year and all that. I wish you plenty of hugs and tea in 2012.

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No words

So I’m pressing this a lot today:

I have also made a selection of magic wands for us, just in case any of you know how to cast ANTI-COMPLETE-MORON spells.

Assorted magic wands

Okay, so they aren't *all* magic wands.

Stay safe, everyone.

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Smurf Town

In case you haven’t seen it, this is Juzcar in Spain, which has been painted blue for a film about smurfs.

Juzcar, Getty Images
Image: Jorge Guerrero/AFP/Getty

Ignoring grumbles about corporate motivation, I love this idea of painting an entire village in just one colour so tonight I made a couple of quick experiments. Here is Manhattan with four coats of Dulux.*

Yellow NYC

*other paint brands would work just as well


And here is London entirely covered in some leftover wrapping paper I had hanging around.

London in wrapping paper

In reality I guess it could be a bit awkward neatly covering the dome of St Paul’s in wrapping paper, but people really can do anything these days.


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More salt, please

Okay so it’s been years not months since this place closed but the fact I can no longer go here to watch the snooker on a mini telly and eat over-salted bangers and smash still causes me physical pain. I made this drawing from a photograph, as a gift for my loyal café companion, Deborah. Many a scheme was hatched over a treacle sponge here.

New Piccadilly Café

New Piccadilly Café, Denham Street - now closed.

See more of this “cathedral amongst caffs” and other gems at the wonderful Classic Cafes site.

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Welcome Cocktails All Round

Hello! Thanks for visiting More Charm Please. Click here to find out what it’s all about. Meanwhile, here’s a sign I spotted recently round the back of the Royal Festival Hall. What lies beyond the fence? Alas, nothing but a plain old road but I like to imagine that a spectacular underground mini-golf course awaits. Or some other such brilliant thing.

Serious Fun


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